This Italian Summer: Shades of Yellow, Ocher and Gold

Camilla Santinelli (July 28, 2016)
Who said that gold is only a Christmassy color? It is also the color of sunsets, of the wheat fields of Tuscany, and of the sun-kissed sand of the Italian beaches - just for a few examples.

This summer, following the seasonal trend, Italian designers seem willing to boost our mood bringing the shades of yellow, ocher and gold to a whole new level. Here is a selection of the items we fell in love with, so have a look and shine with us!

1) Going to the beach

Of course summer means heat. And hot temperatures mean a get- away to the seaside. This is the right time of the year to show off some skin and let the sun rays kiss our pale, escape-from-winter bod- ies. What better than this lovely green, floral swimsuit to do that? (Match it with a simple yellow or violet sarong for a sensational beach outfit).

2) Precious feet

These “Willow” Gucci sandals look like a real treasure, don’t you think? The pearls perfectly coordinate with the golden leather strips creating an unique combination of brightness.

Whether you match them with a total black/white outfit, or with other golden accessories, people will not take their eyes off of your feet. What is more, there’s also a flat version of them.

3)  Italia is love
Dolce e Gabbana

We cannot think of another col- lection that can depict the Italian essence and love of the Bel Paese better than this one.

The stunning Spring/Summer 2016 runway is a triumph of bright colors, showy accessories and precious dresses displaying the most iconic Italian locations. A real tribute to Italy, making the concept “Italia is love” a real “statement, a mental attitude and a declaration of love.”

4)  Italy in the City
Mariana Antinori

Mariana Antinori’s shop sells bags, jewelry and accessories all characterized by a distinctive Italian taste and signed Made in Italy.

Among other things, we find this resin, brass and Swarovski stones bracelet particularly captivating and able to give that glamorous touch every summer outfit needs. Find this and other cre- ations at 1242 Madison Avenue, New York. You will not be disappointed.

5) Sophisticated Appeal

Sophistication plays a strong game here. This short cottonsilk fil coupé dress intrigued us, and its Bird of Paradise print did the rest. Although it may not be to everyone’s taste, it cannot be de- nied that it is perfect for a cocktail party in the City.

We plan to wear the whole outfit, but we would imagine it looking great also with a pair of flats and hair tied in a pony tail, for a fresher and more low-key look.

6) Simplicity at its best
Alberta Ferretti

Here it is another demonstration of Alberta Ferretti’s love for simple but beautiful things. Lace and em- broidery are the protagonists of this dress.

Its transparencies beautifully balance the simplicity of the shape, creating a linear but sophisticated item of clothing which we think will look great on tanned skin and it is perfect for both day and night events.

And while the dress plays its part, the choice of shoes, accessories and hairdo is totally up to you!

7) Summer-TIME - Designed by Studio Job

This is just one of the products of the collaboration between the Alessi studio and international designers, that led to the creation of five unique clocks. This one is Comtoise by Studio Job, who cooperated with the Italian brand for the first time this year.

The Amsterdam-based duo decided to reinterpret an old item in modern key of a pendulum clock from the 17th century.

It is entirely made of white latten: a light material that creates a nice contrast with Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel’s typical neo-Baroque graphic, characterized by a notable prosperity of symbolism. At this point we can’t help asking ourselves: How many hours until summer?