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What a Story! The Italian Way to Say ‘I LOVE You’

Baci, the most famous Italian praline in the world has a secret. Or two. With each and every one you’ll find a love note inspired by a real love story. Few people know that behind this small piece of chocolate there is a great woman who, incidentally, was also a renowned stylist: Luisa Spagnoli. This is her story.

Torrone. It is Not Holiday Without You

This most popular Italian nougat candy—which, together with pandoro and panettone, has become a symbol of an Italian Christmas—is basically made of honey, sugar, and egg whites, filled with toasted almonds or other nuts, covered in edible rice paper, and usually shaped into a rectangular tablet.

It is Time for Traditional Holidays Treats!

How to prepare Pandoro and Panettone in a different and scenic way

Struffoli for Christmas. Just Can't be Missed From the Tables of Neapolitan Families

Struffoli, puffy little balls of fried dough drenched in honey, are the quintessential Christmas sweet in Naples and other places in Italy, especially the Central and Southern regions.

A Special 'Torrone' from Abruzzo for Your Very Sweet Holidays

Sorelle Nurzia is an Italian confectionary company based in Bazzano-Paganica (a town near L'Aquila) in the Abruzzo region, known especially for its special "torrone," which they have been making for almost two centuries

Panettone vs. Pandoro

Aficionados of Italian Christmas sweets have always been divided into two camps: lovers of pandoro and lovers of panettone.

Do You Speak Espresso?

Espresso culture in Italy has deep roots. Coffee first appeared in Europe at the port of Livorno, Tuscany, a city that was also home to Europe’s first coffee bar in the early 1600s.

LA RICETTA. From Abruzzo Lamb Ragu with Pasta alla Chitarra

Raising sheephas always been one of the Abruzzo’s primary occupations so it is not surprising that both the meat and cheese they produce play an important role in the region’s hearty and rustic cooking.

RECIPE. Espresso Panna Cotta

Panna cotta, Italian for “cooked cream,” is a specialty of northern Italy’s Piedmont region—an area known for its superior dairy products. Panna cotta, or some version of it, has long been popular throughout most of Europe and in other countries along the Mediterranean.

Italian Cookie Glossary

Here’s just a few of the many cookies of Italy

Panettone. Legends & Stories

Giving panettone is not a simple act of kindness but a gesture rich in history and tradition

For the Love of Garlic

The summer months in Italy welcome many food festivals. Among them, two celebrate Italy's two DOP garlics: Aglio di Voghiera DOP, hailing from the province of Ferrara, in Emilia-Romagna, and Aglio Bianco Polesano DOP, from Polesine, in Veneto. Garlic is an important ingredient in Italian cuisine but it is not used in everything, many still believe it is, as its distinctive taste can sometimes detract from that of other more shy ingredients.

Butter: A Food To Be Eaten Wisely

Butter goes back to the beginning of human history. High in fat, butter should be consumed bearing in mind your daily calorie intake. That said, its fats are precious nutrients that are easily digested and rapidly absorbed, and therefore beneficial for those who lead an active life or play sports and require backup energy. It is particularly good for children, kids, and athletes.

New York’s Best Pasta at The James Beard House

The “Primo di New York” award - organized by renowned pasta factory from Campania, di Martino - goes to chef Riccardo Orfino from Osteria57.

Summer Roman-Style Rice Tomatoes. Diabetes-friendly too!

If you think Italian food is off-limits for people with diabetes, think again. My motivation for writing this book was to change the way Italian cuisine is viewed abroad and to demonstrate ways in which traditional Italian food can be part of a diabetes-friendly eating plan. While thoughts of the bel paese (“beautiful country”) generally conjure up the image of platters of carbohydrate-rich pastas and fat-laden sauces, authentic Italian cuisine is both healthful and delicious.

Gelato - Ice Cream - Sorbet

We all experience an uncontrollable desire for something cold and sweet yet not too fattening, so gelato and/or ice cream immediately come to mind. Gelato is gelato and ice cream is a totally different thing. And there also are sorbets ...

Abruzzo. Focus on Sulmona's Confetti

Sulmona's confetti are known globally for their unique flavor, traditional production methods and the usage of Avola almonds, which are some of the country's most cherished almonds because of their strong flavor that lacks any hint of bitterness. They are refined products that embody the pride of the Italian made.

Flour: The Very Secret of the Mediterranean Diet

Flour has always been a primary source of nutrition for humans, especially Italians, especially because flour is used to make bread and pasta, two staples of the Mediterranean diet.

Agnello al forno: A Traditional Easter Meal

It wouldn’t seem like Easter in Italy without lamb on the dinner table. But lamb is actually the preferred meat not only for Easter meal but throughout the Summer. Italians enjoy lamb braised, stewed, grilled or roasted. Roast leg of lamb is a classic. Serve it with seasonal vegetables such as artichokes or fresh green peas. Italians cook lamb well done, but more mature American lamb tastes best when medium-rare. Be sure to allow time for the meat to rest after roasting it so it remains juicy.

Officina. The Evolution is Happening Every Day

Officina captures the heart and soul of an Italian market and trattoria in Washington, DC. At the center of all this activity is Nick Stefanelli, a Michelin-star chef who had a vision of creating a one-stop Italian shop. And a café. And a bar. And a trattoria.

The Two young Women Behind San Matteo Pizza and Pizza Quadrata Romana

The pizza industry, particularly the highly traditional world of Neapolitan pizza, has always been entirely male-dominated in Italy. But not in New York. We already met Giorgia Caporuscio (Kestè and Don Antonio Pizza) and now we decided to pay a visit to PQR, and pizzeria San Matteo (Ciro and Fabio Casella’s New York pizzerias) to speak with Marika Casella and Imma Liguri, the two young women behind these successful pizzerias.

Tradition and New (Female) Faces: Meet the Future of Italian Wine

The 34th edition of the Italian Wine & Food Association’s Gala Italia introduced over one hundred journalists and members of the press to representatives from a variety of Italian wineries.

LA RICETTA - Ravioli di Carnevale from Abruzzo

Popular Carnival food in the city of Vasto (Abruzz0), these sweet tasting ravioli get their name because they are prepared according to an ancient traditional Carnival recipe, and are often served during this time of year. Due to their sweet characteristic at times they are also referred to as Ravioli Dolci.

What to Eat in Matera ...

Just few ideas... Eats that will get your mouth watering.

Digging into (the History of) Polenta

Deep roots for a product that Christopher Columbus brought over from Europe to America. Indigenous peoples first prepared it using cornmeal and water.

Italian Cookies for the Holidays

Three unusual Italian cookies that you can make ahead for the holidays, each with a special featured ingredient just right for the red wine lover, honey fan or grappa officiando

Struffoli for Christmas. Just Can't be Missed From the Tables of Neapolitan Families

Struffoli, puffy little balls of fried dough drenched in honey, are the quintessential Christmas sweet in Naples and other places in Italy, especially the Central and Southern regions.

Panettone, Pandoro & Traditional Christmas Treats!

How to prepare Pandoro and Panettone in a different and scenic way

The Most Famous Derby. Panettone vs. Pandoro

Aficionados of Italian Christmas sweets have always been divided into two camps: lovers of pandoro and lovers of panettone.

For An American Thanksgiving with an Italian Accent

A suggestion from i-Italy food editor: A Cranberry Fig Mostarda recipe to complement a traditional Thanksgiving menu. Happy Italian Thanksgiving!


This first ever event will take place on October 6 and 7, 2018 of Columbus Day weekend on Crescent Avenue located parallel to the famous Arthur Avenue in the “Little Italy of the Bronx". Interviewing Master Pizzaioli

Identità Golose is Back: 5 Days of Tastings Between New York and Los Angeles.

It starts the ninth edition of the event that allows to meet the world’s most iconic chefs and discover their flavours, philosophy and techniques.

Judging the Pizza and Prosecco Competition

Prosecco is the largest selling sparkling (spumante) wine in Italy. Italians drink it as an aperitif (no self- respecting Roman or Venetian goes out to dinner without having a glass of Prosecco first), with food, and to celebrate. I was invited to be one of the judge at a Prosecco & Pizza Competition

LSDM to Show the Incredible Wonders of Italian Cuisine

Le Strade della Mozzarella will be hosting events in New York City Kestè Pizzeria on Wall Street, filled with rich culture, Neapolitan food and a community like no other. Come join June 27 and June 29 for a time that will leave you loving Italian food and wanting more!

100% Real Italian Food

In conjunction with Summer Fancy Food, the non-profit cultural association I Love Italian Food will be back in the Big Apple on June 30 for the launching of its new international project "100per100 Italian". During their event, in the exclusive setting of Scavolini Soho Gallery in New York, "100per100 Italian awards" will be given to some of the most important Italian companies

Pizza Under the Spotlight: "Tu Vuò Fa il Napoletano" in NYC

The organization Dress in Dreams Movie & Costume brought an exciting celebration dedicated to the art of pizza making blended with the art of cinema to some of the finest, authentic Neapolitan pizzerias in the city, such as Ribalta Pizzeria and Song’e Napule. These events were made possible with the support of MiBACT - Direzione Cinema and in collaboration with AVPN - Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

Wine Under the Volcano Vesuvius

On the slopes of the volcano Mount Vesuvius (east of Naples) there are wines produced since Ancient Roman times. Presentation by the Consorzio Tutela Vini Vesuvio at Ribalta Restaurant

Celebrating Pizza Through the Lens of Cinema

"Tu Vuò fà il Napoletano – Facce da Pizza", lands in New York City to celebrate the art of neapolitan pizzaiuoli as UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Organized by Dress in Dreams Movie & Costume, under the auspices and with the support of MiBACT - Direzione Cinema, the three days event, April 16th-17th-19th, will take place at Ribalta Pizzeria, NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò and Song’e Napule Pizzeria.

The Pizza Maker Star

Discover the story of Master Pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani, from his Italian upbringing to acclaimed World Pizza Champion. His San Francisco pizzeria offers 13 different styles of pizza and hosts The International School of Pizza.

La Centrale Miami - Hospitality the Italian Way

Your central station to enjoy the best of Italy’s gastronomic tradition has finally landed in Miami at the Brickell City Centre! We had the chance to chat with Jacopo Giustiniani, the notable NYC restaurateur, who opened the premier food hall in collaboration with hospitality guru Matthias Kiehm. Giustiniani guided us through the new realm of Italian dining on the East Coast highlighting his personal concept of “hospitalian” - hospitality the Italian way.