Celebrate Carnevale with Cannoli!

Let's Make Cannoli from Scratch! Join Alison Scola online from her kitchen to yours, when together, you will make cannoli. She will teach you how to bake this beloved pastry from scratch: the cream and the shells -- and you'll learn insider, expert tips too! - Sunday, February 7, 12 Noon to 2PM (Eastern) - Online on Zoom

For centuries, cannoli were only eaten when the sheep were making milk, generally from the late winter through the spring. Carnevale, the street party before Lent when all goes topsy-turvy, was the height of cannoli consumption. This beloved pasty was the ancient ice cream cone! Imagine yourself strolling down the avenue suckling on one among the revelers!

If you've been on a Cannoli Crawl, seen the documentary Cannoli: Traditions Around the Table, listened  on the Meatball and Spaghetti Artist Podcast, or read article about cannoli >>, than you know all about this delightful-fried-tube-filled-with-sweet-ricotta's significance during this festive period.

Well, Carnevale is upon us, and to help us celebrate, since we can't be incognito, frolicking out on the streets, I thought we could enjoy making cannoli together from my kitchen to yours. See below for the details.

 Join Allison Scola for a fun online happening, she will share her knowledge about this world-renowned Sicilian pastry!

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Plan ahead: you'll need cannoli forms (and if possible, a pasta-making machine; although it's not obligatory).


Photo. P.S.  photo of Carnevale in Acireale, Sicily. It illustrates the legend of the lovers Galatea and Aci that you can read about at ExperienceSicily.com.





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