Cycling with Colavita. “Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyle”

Chiara Morucci (September 18, 2012)
Colavita, a world renown Italian food brand promotes healthy lifestyle not just by providing nutritious food to the world. With the creation and quick growth of a cycling team called “Team Colavita” they aim to spread the concept of healthy living. "Team Colavita" started as a small initiative and in 12 years expanded quickly all over the US in a very successful sport and marketing project for amateur and professional men and women cycling teams.

Back in 1978, the famous Italian food brand Colavita has brought the Italian way of eating genuine and healthy food to the United States by introducing the American consumers to the authentic Colavita products such as: Colavita pasta and Colavita extra olive oil, products that in Italy were already widely known for their numerous health benefits.

Consecutively, in 2000, continuing on the path of promoting a healthy life style, Colavita USA got involved in cycling, creating “Team Colavita”. The cycling team was founded in New Jersey by John Profaci, Vice President of Marketing for Colavita and together with Enrico Colavita the General Manager of Team Colavita.

New Jersey was chosen as the location to start the cycling project because it is home to both Colavita USA as well as Profaci's family's. “The Colavita team was created as a small marketing project together with the local bike shop in my neighborhood" -Profaci told I-italy, -“As a cyclist, I thought it would be fun for me to produce some Colavita branded cycling clothes and equip the local racing club for visibility in my own neighborhood”. In 2002, Team Colavita clothing started being sold in bicycle shops all over the world.

The main goal of Colavita's initiative is to spread the concept of healthy living. “Our project is the result of a good combination of people who are interested in healthy living, exercising and eating right” Profaci continued. He also added that the intent to promote cycling is connected to the Italian cycling traditions that combined with a good Mediterranean diet are the basis for a healthy living. "Cycling, like cooking, is part of the Italian way of life," said Giovanni Colavita, CEO of Colavita USA. "We are proud to support programs like this that showcase our Italian heritage and contribute to healthy lifestyles here in the U.S."

Nobody expected that in 12 years such a small initiative would so quickly grow into a very successful sport and marketing project extending to men and women in both amateur club and professional teams. “Colavita sponsorship and involvement to the professional level was positively welcomed by cycling fans and international media” Profaci said with pride. In 2010 and 2011, for example, the Colavita Professional Women team has been classified as the most prestigious team in the United States (before then, in 2007, it was invited to participate in the most famous Italian race “the Giro d'Italia”) and it includes great talents such as Giorgia Bronzini, the two time World Champion.

Numerous Colavita teams are appearing all over the country: in the East Coast, West Coast, Mid-West and in the South. “You can find amateur and recreational Colavita cycling groups in Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Orlando, Napa Valley and recently also in Idaho and in Miami” Profaci explained. Team Colavita cherishes its deep connections to Italy and its traditions. An exchange program between the US Colavita cycle teams and the Italian clubs has been created with the purpose to encourage international sport and cultural exchanges. An American team goes to ride in Italy while an Italian one comes to the US, making this exchange a one of a kind experience.

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