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  • Dining in & out: From Eataly Magazine
    Eataly Magazine(February 24, 2019)
    How can you choose the perfect olive oil for your taste? We talked to our team of olive oil experts to break things down five easy steps in order to find your match. Trust us, you'll be drizzling away like an Italian in no time.
  • Dining in & out: From Eataly Magazine
    Eataly Magazine(April 05, 2018)
    In Italy, nearly every kitchen is stocked with not just one set of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar — but two, or even three. Why? We like to use the Italian staples in different ways, from sizzling up spring onions to drizzling over roasted veggies. Discover our secrets to cooking with olive oil and balsamic, then get ready to sizzle and drizzle like a pro!
  • The olive harvest has come to Italy early this year. Despite the overheated summer, scant rain and risk of the nasty bacterium Xylella fastidiosa, both quality and production are excellent.
  • The Italian Trade Commission of New York and UNAPROL, a consortium of olive growers established in 1966, have enlisted the American public to Find the Fake. Four olive oils were presented to the guests’ discerning noses and palates. One of them was a NOT 100% Italian, and their task was to identify it.
  • Colavita, a world renown Italian food brand promotes healthy lifestyle not just by providing nutritious food to the world. With the creation and quick growth of a cycling team called “Team Colavita” they aim to spread the concept of healthy living. "Team Colavita" started as a small initiative and in 12 years expanded quickly all over the US in a very successful sport and marketing project for amateur and professional men and women cycling teams.