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  • Questa è la settimana di San Francesco. Dopo vent’anni la Campania sarà ad Assisi il 3-4 ottobre, a nome delle regioni d’Italia, per riaccendere la lampada votiva che sarà alimentata dall’olio “delle vostre mani, delle vostre fatiche, delle vostre terre, da quella Terra dei Fuochi, da quelle terre che subiscono la ferita dell’uomo”. Oltre 200 sindaci arriveranno nella città umbra, circa 10 mila pellegrini da ogni parte della Campania.
  • Zygmunt Bauman
    The renowned Poland-born left-wing thinker recently passed away, leaving behind an influential ethical footprint throughout the world, including the likes of Italy. In just this last year, he graced several festivals and conferences across the country, sharing with others his life testimony on what would be some of his very last days.
  • The Jubilee Year called by Pope Francis begins in less than six weeks, and, despite tedious delays, the city fathers are forging ahead with their preparations for Rome, from repairing sidewalks to providing first aid centers. A leitmotif is the revival of interest in the Francigena, the centuries-old route pilgrims walked to Rome from North Europe.
  • Bergoglio’s courage to call himself Francis emphasized the need for the Church to change course immediately. That is, to take the word of God to the streets of the world.
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    Gennaro Matino(December 17, 2014)
    “He shall be called Francis.” Never before had a name rung with such clarity in the ears of those awaiting word of the new Pope in Saint Peter’s.
  • What makes Friar Francis so Italian is that he is the author of the first poem in the Italian language: The Canticle of Creatures. And for a nation that for about six centuries was only unified by its literature, beingthe founder of its poetic tradition is quite a big deal.