Personal Shopper: Italian Dream of Spring

Lucrezia Russo (April 30, 2015)
For a comfortable, romantic, softly lit, playful and wry spring. The watchword is vintage. Italian stylists have come to us bearing gifts inspired by the world of dance and the splendors of childhood. Our recommendations for intimate apparel, on the other hand, lean toward the sexy and (obviously) vintage. For your own personal downtime, only trust designs wedded to fashion. As for your wrist, go romantic—without a shadow of a doubt. And for you first jog across the grass left behind by the snow? Below you’ll find some decidedly different shoes….

1) Vintage with a Little Imagination


Dark eyelash decorations, animal and plant motifs, landscapes, exotic fruit and tulle flamingos—how can you resist Lazzari’s imagination? The designer joyfully blends youth and pop-culture with simple designs. And you’ve got to admit it. In these clothes, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside. So what if it’s raining? For you, the sun is always shining. Lazzari has a long tradition of producing handmade, 100% Italian manufactured wear.
And its style may rest on volume, retro cuts and vintage reminiscences, but its product hangs in the closets of real girls who wear their femininity lightly.

2) Wearing your Heart on Your Sleeve
Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta presents a collection inspired by the body in motion, clothes that you can easily slip on and off for a natural and relaxed look. Impressive for their subtle colors and fluid & sophisticated designs, all of the clothes are made with exquisite, body-hugging materials. The casual, laidback appearance bears infinite details, the imprint of their expert craftsmanship.

“I was thinking of dance. Not of dance performances so much as of a dancer on her way to an audition,” explains Creative Director Tomas Maier. “The woman who has good posture, graceful moves and a dancer’s gait – that’s where I found my inspiration.”

3) Sophia’s Hour
Dolce & Gabbana

A watch that looks like spring but works all year. Geometrical design and romantic nuance are the secret behind Dolce e Gabbana’s Sofia Watches. An evocative name for a new and elegant style: made with 18 karat gold and sapphire glass with geometrical and symmetrical facets, the watch looks like a precious stone, suggestively reflecting natural light, and is available in five
colors (pink, sky blue, brown, black and gray) with silk satin bracelets.

4) Simple and Sexy
La Perla

Once again La Perla offers a collection of glamorously seductive women’s intimate apparel. Their garments are simple, sexy, a tad devilish and classy as ever. The inimitable brand is the most beloved by Italian women (and men), and a gift from La Perla is like the gift of a precious jewel: it lasts forever. To get an idea of what La Perla sees as vintage-inspired with a hint of modernity, check out their simple, white, sexy and chic intimate apparel.

5) Corsa con le stelle
Miu Miu

Tradition meets contemporary in this new essential accessory. The new Astro Running sneakers, designed by Miu Miu with all the experience of Prada, are known for their performance, sparkle, and craftsmanship. Detail and freshness combine to form an innovative kind of shoe that is as soft and flexible as is humanly possible. The rubber sole recycles some of Miu Miu’s details with a dash of innovation. The satin vamp is embroidered by hand with sequins and crystals, and the collar is made of neoprene.

6) Designed for Living
META, with Frau & Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta

Born out of the collaboration between Bottega Veneta and
Poltrona Frau, META Brisée is a contemporary interpretation of the 18th-century duchesse
brisée. An armchair and stool to kick back in.

Who wouldn’t be tempted by a design as elegant as it is easy-going? An enormous amount of technical expertise goes into the manufacturing of these soft, full-grain leather items, which bear no signs of stitching or screws.

Drawn from organic lines and graceful curves, the items are designed for living – reading, lounging around, hanging out – and represent a joint effort of two companies whose philosophies complement each other seamlessly.





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