Business and Culture Award for the 'Fighter' Federica Marchionni

Mila Tenaglia (April 30, 2015)
Federica Marchionni, Former Dolce & Gabbana executive and now CEO of American brand Lands' End received the 2015 Business and Culture Award from aboard the exclusive MSC Divina cruise ship. This year, the Italy America Chamber of Commerce decided to honor her, a charismatic and driven woman who played a great role in the world of telecommunication and luxury. “Look up and take the highway” Marchionni states, inviting all women to aim high.

An original lunch atop of one of the world’s largest cruise ships: MSC Divina. The great ship, created in collaboration with De Jorio Design International studio, and inspired by the muse Sophia Loren, hosted hundreds of people for the IACC ANNUAL Spring Luncheon.

Federico Tozzi, Deputy Secretary General of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, payed homage to the MSC Crociera team by inviting the Captain and new CEO of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, Alberto Milani.

Alberto Milani, CEO of Buccellati and qualified figure with a solid background in lifestyle and luxury sectors, became the new CEO of the Chamber of Commerce less than a month ago, on March 30th.

Milani voiced how honored he is by this new position “I am enthusiastic to lead the IACC and to further utilize my strong managerial and team building skills to provide guidance and training for future generations of managers and entrepreneurs”, he said in a statement.

The stage is then passed on to the special guest, Federica Marchionni, clothed in an elegant cream tailleur, blond hair on her shoulders, her face light up with excitement.

Marchionni has had over 20 years of experience in Italian companies, working for Ferrari, Dolce & Gabbana, but also for Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, without ever forgetting her origins.

And in fact she opens her speech by going back many years “I was only 16 years-old when I knew I wanted to become a CEO. I don’t know why or who had influenced me, but it has been a blessing for me to have that type of consciousness”.

“At that time I was very interested in the communications sector and for a woman it wasn’t easy to find work in that branch. In 1994 nobody had smartphones, the technological field was growing exponentially and I was very motivated”.

The key word that keeps coming up is undoubtedly “diversity”.

“In the world of luxury”, continues Marchionni, “you are aware of diversity, more so than in any other sector”. Her experience brought the honoring to meet people from all over the world and to encounter highly varied realities and cultures. “Dolce and Gabbana contributed to the realization of my dream: that is to work and live here in America” Federica Marchionni recounts.

“In the beginning, when I got to New York, I also dealt with other types of cultural issues, including working a sponsor for Italian subtitles at the Metropolitan Opera, together with the former Vice Consul Lucia Pasqualini, whom I’m sure you all remember very well.”

The CEO of Land’s End concludes her heartfelt speech on this note, inviting all women to keep on fighting for what they believe and aiming high “Look up and take the highway, as they say here in America”.

“I have been brave and I still am. Some call me a fighter, and as a leader I want to do all that which is possible, peacefully, and for the benefit of all”.

The guests at the table, mainly members of the Chamber of Commerce, had the chance to savor an excellent and rich Italian menu.

Starring the “tartufo” (truffle), used to dress some of the dishes and even to aromatize complementary chocolates, laid out on the table thanks to the important family company Urbani Truffles.

Federico Tozzi extended his warm thanks to the sponsors of this event among whom we find: Unicredit, Urbani Truffles, Castelli del Grevepesa, and Emirates.





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