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  • In "Isis vs Occidente", Italian sociologist Stefano De Santis focuses on various aspects of the universe of ISIS, from the origins to the key players, the foreign fighters and the role of mass media, the war on terrorism that the Western world is conducting and the risks of our civilization.
  • As if inevitably the political fallout from the hideous murders and ongoing terror stalemate in France is as great or greater than anywhere else in Europe, save for France itself. Security measures have been tightened throughout Italy, but such concerns are in the forefront, beginning with the safety of Pope Francis and of the faithful who flock into St. Peter’s Square daily in Rome. But repercussions on an already uneasy political situation appear no less inevitable.
  • On August 2, 1980 a bomb exploded at the Central Railway Station of Bologna killing 85 people and wounding more than 200. The attack, which had been attributed to a neo-fascist group of terrorists, was considered to be the culmination of a decade of violence by right and left extremist groups. Today, 30 years later, Prime Minister Berlusconi decided not to send ministers and other officials to attend to the ceremonies of commemoration
  • A disquieting installation on view in a chic new Roman art gallery on Via Somalia evokes the myriad mysteries still surrounding the kidnapping and assassination of the president of Italy's Christian Democratic party on May 9, 1978.