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  • Accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio, and the Minister of Technological Innovation Paola Pisano, the Italian President travelled to DC, where he met with Trump, as well as the leadership of the Italian American Congressional Delegation, and Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. He then went to San Francisco to visit startup companies Kong and Nozomi Networks, participate in the Italy-US Innovation Forum, and meet with the Mayor of San Francisco and the Governor of California.
  • AIBI in Syria distribution
    The Italian charity Amici dei Bambini, or AiBi, is working in Italy, but also especially in Syria, to help bring relief to children in distress. This is Family Week in Italy, and AiBi's contribution is courageous and exemplary.
  • The world's first ever international task force of 31 volunteer civilian art rescue experts known as the UN "Blue Helmets for Culture" will shortly be dispatched, after highly specialized training under the Carabinieri in Italy, to ISIS-devastated Palmyra in Syria
  • For the twenty-four Syrian families -- 52 adults, 41 children -- flown into Rome from a Lebanese refugee camp on Feb. 29, kindly authorities at the Leonardo da Vinci airport had improvised a playroom for the youngsters. The families were from the cities of Homs, Idlib and Hama, all hard hit by bombing since 2011.
  • “The jihadists hope to flood Libya with Isil militiamen posing as migrants on people-trafficking vessels to Europe,” went the headline. Although this may eventually be true, to date terrorist attacks in Europe have been perpetrated by those living in Europe, not by newcomers. Still, the hordes fleeing war in Syria, Iraq and Sub-Saharan Africa to land on Italian shores represent an ever more intractable problem with serious political repercussions.