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  • Accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio, and the Minister of Technological Innovation Paola Pisano, the Italian President travelled to DC, where he met with Trump, as well as the leadership of the Italian American Congressional Delegation, and Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. He then went to San Francisco to visit startup companies Kong and Nozomi Networks, participate in the Italy-US Innovation Forum, and meet with the Mayor of San Francisco and the Governor of California.
  • When you hear the story of Elena Favilli and how she got to publish her series of books Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, two things come to your mind: first, she might as well be featured in one of these best-sellers dedicated to strong female role models, secondly, everybody, even boys, should get to know and appreciate the fearless women portrayed in these books, a literary phenomenon that over three years has been translated into 48 languages (the Chinese version will be released soon) and sold about 4 million copies.
  • Breakthroughs From the First  PC to the First Space-Bound  Espresso Machine. "The first desktop computer in the world": this is how America welcomed the launch of Programma 101 (P101) in New York in 1965. Created by a small group of "crazy" young Italian engineers at Olivetti, P101's success was so huge, that the US space agency NASA bought it and used it for its mission to the moon.   Since then, Italy has continued to make significant contributions to progress in technology, up to the 2015 experiment of ISSpresso, the first ever system for brewing espresso coffee in the extreme conditions of outer space, made by Argotec and Lavazza.