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  • In the wild and mystical isle of Sardinia, they are known as the “Threads of God” because of their shape, which recalls the threads of a loom. They are however strands of handmade pasta, crafted according to an ancient sardinian tradition that has long been passed down from mother to daughter. A secret art that is slowly disappearing, one that the chef from Nuoro, Roberto Ruiu, has decided to bring to this side of the Atlantic.
  • Giro d'Italia 2016, the Alps
    Starting in Sardinia and ending in Milan, this year's Giro d'Italia will bring more challenges than every before. Competitors are up against the the rocky terrain of Mount Etna, the sprinting flats of Tuscany, the valleys of the Dolomites, and the thin altitude of the Alps. Who will take home the first place prize this year? Stay tuned! The races kick off May 5th and end May 28th.
  • Those who have followed Giorgio Casu in his events in New York city for the last 7 years know how much care and diversity can be found. From the white marble stunning lobby at Atelier on 42nd Street that followed Milton Glaser exhibit in 2010 to the live performance in 2011 at Gramercy Park triplex for Imaf festival and Corcoran group. The collaboration with other performers and artists are endless and considering that he just in his late thirties there is much more to expect.
  • MadreTerra by Flavio Manzoni
    Flavio Manzoni, a renown artist and designer launches a continuation of Madreterra project that he created in order to raise funds for his motherland Sardinia and its people post the devastating cyclone, which impacted the area back in November of 2013. This time he utilizes BORN, an elite crowdfunding website, to gather funds and exposure for this dear to his heart project.
  • Leucos’ iconic Great JJ light has been jet-setting around the world as part of the brand’s Madreterra project. A collaboration between Leucos and Architect Flavio Manzoni (from January 2010 he entered in Ferrari as design director), the project will benefit those affected by a flood which occurred in Manzoni’s native Sardinia this past November. After making an appearance at a Madreterra event in Milan, it is ready to make its mark on the Big Apple