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  • Whereas Jesus Christ stopped at Eboli on his way elsewhere and has yet to make a confirmed appearance anywhere in the bailiwick of Cardinal Timothy Dolan, I am happy to report that the ironically Christ-like radical Italian philosopher, Antonio Gramsci, has finally made it to The Bronx; but only by way of Switzerland.
  • New York City and Italy have a great deal in common, starting and ending with self-destructive electorates; voters who are intent on putting into office people who, in one way or another, hold them in contempt. In both electoral democracies, We The People are generally too ignorant and self-absorbed to notice that the pain we feel is self-inflicted. How does this happen? Again and again....
  • Art & Culture
    Joey Skee(February 28, 2011)
    Italian Americans at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On March 9th, curator Jayson Kerr Dobney will present on “The Neapolitan Instruments Makers of New York” at the Calandra Institute as part of its “Philip V. Cannistraro Seminar Series in Italian American Studies.”
  • Facts & Stories
    Jerry Krase(November 04, 2009)
    As one looks closely at the behavior and battles of Bloomberg and Berlusconi it seems that, besides being big buck billionaires, they have a great deal more in common than lots of money.
  • Art & Culture
    Joey Skee(December 23, 2008)
    Sixty-six years ago, the Museum of Modern Art exhibited a Sicilian-American bootblack’s decorated shoeshine kit, contributing to the museum director’s eventual dismissal.
  • Life & People
    Damiano Beltrami(December 02, 2008)
    Your apartment is a studio designed for hobbits. The room could't be cozier. The view is breathtaking. You can see into other people’s living rooms. Welcome to the City.
  • Italian American intellectuals and Italians in Italy might have given great support to Barack Obama's historic Presidential triumph but Italian American voters, at least those in New York, can hardly expect much in the way of thanks from the new tenants of the White House.