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  • Most Italian-Italians, the ones from Italy, that is, always seem to be curious as to how we Italian-Americans are perceived by others in America. With all the news they’ve heard of Italian stereotypes in America, like the ones put forward in “The Godfather,” “The Sopranos,” “Mafia Wars,” and “The Jersey Shore,” I understand what they expect.
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    Joey Skee(January 20, 2010)
    A social scientist’s take on guidos, prominenti, and intellectual inquiry.
  • Art & Culture
    Joey Skee(February 28, 2009)
    Giuseppe Gagliardi’s film La vera leggenda di Tony Vilar is a musical journey tracing the circuitous routes of the Italian diaspora.
  • La Spartenza, a stage play directed by Enzo Toto was performed last Monday at the Italian Academy at Columbia University in New York. Teatro del Baglio di Vìllafrati, a theater troupe of young Italian actors, brought to life the events in Tommaso Bordonaro’s diary, a farmer from Bolognetta, Sicily who immigrated with his family to New Jersey.
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    Chiara Zamin(September 23, 2007)
    To invent an artistic place from nothing is not an easy task. Above all if you are trying to give a new identity to a city. A work more common in America then in Italy, but it is always a difficult task. In Rahway, a city in New Jersey a half hour from Manhattan, someone believes. A mayor/ entrepreneur, James Kennedy, who...