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  • “She must be a very determined person”— that’s how she struck me the moment I met her in September 2011, when she had just taken office here. And, well, the way she has steered the biggest Italian institution in the Big Apple for the last four years, Natalia has lived up to that impression.
  • A vibrant tricolor FIAT 500, with a bold i-Italy sign speeds through the streets of Manhattan under a light rain, causing surprise and curiosity amongst onlookers, and reminds the many Italians in the city of the Festa della Repubblica, which was celebrated once more at the Italian Consulate General in New York.
  • The celebration of June 2nd presents the perfect occasion to open up the doors of the Consulate and the Institute and, together with ICE, ENIT and La Scuola d’Italia, we have been working on a project that for three consecutive years brought artists, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs, politicians and economists to Park Avenue, with the participation of over a thousand people each year.
  • On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, twenty women from different countries were recognized by the Society of Foreign Consuls in New York City. These women were awarded for their outstanding achievements and contribution to community empowerment in the USA.Among them, an Italian powerful woman, Monica M. Mandelli, Managing Director at Golden Sachs, led by Italy's Consul General in New York, the Hon. Natalia Quintavalle.
  • For Dario Nardella, the mayor of Florence currently visiting New York, there is a great cultural bridge tying together “New York, the world’s greatest global city, and Florence, the world’s smallest global city”. During his brief trip, a plan for property investment in his city was also presented.
  • The Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and of Tourism in visit in New York. Dario Franceschini presented the government plan Art Bonus and the cultural program for Expo 2015 at the Italian Cultural Institute and at the Consulate General. “Investing in culture is good for minds, and spirits of Italians, as wells as for the Italian Economy”
  • The Columbus Citizen Foundation kept their promise of bringing the most spectacular Columbus Day Parade show on Fifth Avenue, especially dressed in red white and green for the occasion, which was attended by a million people standing behind the barriers from 44th to 72nd street.
  • Events: Reports
    Mila Tenaglia(October 02, 2014)
    On Thursday, October 2, the Italian Culture Institute in New York introduces “The Macchiaioli,” an exhibit curated by Marco Bertoli. Twenty masterpieces coming from the private Italian collection to New York for the first time include: Giovanni Fattori, Silvestro Lega, Telemaco Signorini and other big influential avant-garde artists that are most important to the Italian paintings of the 1800s.