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  • On Sept. 1-2, ten of the most exclusive Italian leather, fabric, accessories and component manufacturers, exposed the new collections for Fall/Winter 2011 at the Midtown Loft and Terrace. Organized by the Italian Leather Consortium, in partnership with the Italian Trade Commission North America, the event was an occasion for American designers, stylists, and fashion gurus to have a first insight on trends, ambiances, themes, and colors for the upcoming season
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    Marina Melchionda(August 30, 2010)
    The countdown is over. A 70,000 sqf fully Italian food & wine shopping mall, Eataly is ready to welcome thousands of New Yorkers at 200 Fifth Avenue. Lidia Bastianich, co-founder of the project, shares with us her feeling and emotions. "I want to make of Eataly a forum where people have the opportunity to learn more about Italian tradition, and can get more conscious and aware about the products that they buy ... Think about it: everybody admires and appreciates the Italian habit to sit around the table with our family and enjoy a good meal. It is part of our daily life, it is a must to which we should not renounce. It helps keeping our families together, and I think that Americans should learn a lot from this tradition."
  • The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Desk at the Italian Trade Commission in New York was instituted by the Ministry of Economic Development and works together with the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C. The Italian IPR Desk in NY, which is part of a network of 11 Desks located throughout the world, is to provide information and legal assistance on US intellectual property laws to Italian companies. Through a series of telephone and email discussion with the Head of the IPR Desk New York, Ms. Donatella Iaricci, Head of the Intellectual Property Rights Desk, I learned more about the PDO and PGI seals found on select Italian products.
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    Gabrielle Pati(March 17, 2010)
    On March 11, 2010, Arclinea hosted the event "Italia in Cucina, Live Cooking Day" at the razor sharp Architects and Design building in New York. It was a night for sampling, schmoozing and taking notes on authentic Italian food products and modern kitchen design
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    M. M.(October 03, 2009)
    The Italian Trade Commission and Hearst Magazines announced a new promotional campaign for Italian Fashion in the US. Six portfolios of photos featuring Italian Brands will be published by Hearst throughout the year while 150 specialized retail stores in America will be selling Italian fashion products with the support of the ITC. Hearst has also organized a photo contest for its readers with a 100.000$ award. Who is going to portray the “best Italian scene”?
  • On September 28 the Italian Minister of Economic Development Claudio Scajola held a press conference in New York to discuss the current situation of Italian exports in the US, and the measures the Italian government is enacting to promote “ Made in Italy” on a global level. Among the issues discussed, the measures being adopted to attract FDI in the country and to fight the phenomenon of falsifying national products abroad
  • Aniello Musella, Director of ITC of North America and Fabio Aromatici, A.N.C.I.'s  Chief Executive Officer
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    Andrea Riccio(September 16, 2009)
    Officials, vips, but also standard consumers crowded "Montenapo- Ristorante della Moda", to attend the party in honor of the winners of the "Stepping Out in Italian Shoes" contest. The initiative was promoted by ITC and A.N.C.I. in partnership with Footwear News
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    Andrea Riccio(September 10, 2009)
    On September 13 the Italian Trade Commission and ANCI (Italian Footwear Manufacturers Association) will announce the winners of the “Stepping out in Italian Shoes” Awards, a contest organized in collaboration with Footwear News, the media of record for senior-level footwear and fashion executives