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  • Sandro Gozi, Undersecretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
    Life & People
    Letizia Airos(November 10, 2017)
    A charge was in the air among the 3,002 Italian participants of the New York Marathon. Among them was Sandro Gozi, Undersecretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. We interviewed him about what it means to run a marathon in New York only a few hours after a terror attack and what physical activity can mean, above all for young people, in terms of the commitment that allows an individual to achieve a certain goal.
  • Who, me, Justice Minister? Mamma mia, what an enormous responsibility!" Andrea Orlando, 45, member of Renzi's Partito Democratico PD), said this on learning that he had been tapped for what is--and not only in consideration of former Premier Silvio Berlusconi's travails--one of the toughest slots in the government of Matteo Renzi. To be sworn into office on Monday, the cabinet will be the second smallest in Italian history, with only sixteen ministers. For the first time fully half of Renzi's cabinet ministers are women--and they are young.
  • Over half the country is rejoicing this week because a nationwide referendum drew a stunning turnout of over 57% of those eligible to vote, and four pieces of center-right legislation dear to Premier Silvio Berlusconi were overturned. The referendum result made three essential points: first, that democracy is alive and well in Italy; secondly, that the media do not tell the whole story; and, thirdly, that it is time for the nation’s leaders to roll up their sleeves and get to work.
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    From Italy(January 25, 2008)
    Premier Prodi quits on Thursday night after a Senate confidence vote (a parliamentary "confidence vote" is needed in Italy for a government to stay in charge) produced a widely expected defeat for his 20-month-old centre-left government