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  • The roundtable organized by the Consulate General of Portugal and the Consulate of Italy in Newark was an important occasion of dialogue for the two European countries that have been and still are important protagonists of the history and present of the capital of New Jersey. We interviewed the Italian Consul Andrea Barbaria
  • The Consul General of Philadelphia Luigi Scotto
    Philadelphia, the city that hosts one of the largest Italian communities of the US, dedicates its Flower Show to the Bel Paese. The result is a journey throughout the most popular spots of the country as seen through the eyes of Americans
  • Visitors to Italy seeking a detour from trinket stands, congested cathedrals and the gastronomic abomination that is the "menu turistico" will find reprieve in the Marches. The region's representatives come to the Italian Tourism Board (ENIT) and give attendees a visual journey through an Italian dream destination that's still slightly under the radar
  • Art & Culture
    Eleonora Mazzucchi(April 07, 2008)
    Italy's Umbria region, which has provided the lush, scenic backdrop for movies such as "My House in Umbria", gets a day in the spotlight at the Italian Government Tourist Board. Connoisseurs of the region and travel businesses were treated to a presentation, rich with travel-inducing photos, and a feast of Umbrian specialties
  • Life & People
    (March 31, 2008)
    NEW YORK. The institutions of the “sistema italia” are celebrating Italian National Day with many events and important initiatives taking place throughout the week.
  • Discovering Jewish Trieste, an event which included a dinner reception and presentation, took place in the Rohatyn Room of Carnegie Hall. The event was sponsored by the Centro Primo Levi in collaboration with the Tourist Board of Friuli Venezia Giulia and ENIT. The presentation focused on the trend toward Jewish cultural tourism that has begun in Trieste. Gabriella Kropf of the Comunità Ebraica di Trieste, journalist Andrea Fiano of the Centro Primo Levi, and photographer Alberto Jona Falco made the evening come to life