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  • Lavishly praised throughout the English-speaking world and somewhat more controversial at home, Neapolitan author Elena Ferrante is a literary phenomenon whose identity is an enigma. Her name is a pseudonym, and the author has chosen to keep his/her identity an enigma. For whatever reason, Ferrante is never photographed, never interviewed in person, but solely and occasionally by email.
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    Letizia Airos(January 27, 2016)
    A new issue of our magazine is just about hitting New York City! Why begin with a translation of a medieval poet talking about women and love?
  • Italy has always loomed as a bastion of "la mamma" -- that pasta-cooking, loving and forceful woman exemplified by the mother and retired teacher in Nanni Moretti's recent movie, "Mia Madre." But there is more to the story. Here is a sampler of fascinating, successful Italian career women, some famous names, others new to many readers.
  • Elena Ferrante's novel, My Brilliant Friend,was presented at the Italian Cultural Institute of New York as part of the New York European Book Club, a collaborative project of 7 European cultural institutions to promote leadership of each country's literature in English translation. My Brilliant Friend is the story of two little girls who become friends in the first grade and grow up in the same neighborhood in Naples in the 1950s.