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  • Can humans walk on water? For 16 days we can. World famous artist, Christo, is back with his newest project called “The Floating Piers.” From June 18th to July 3rd Christo will fill Italy’s Lake Iseo with wide yellow-orange shimmering floating pathways that will allow visitors to travel across the lake.
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    Mila Tenaglia(December 02, 2015)
    Ierimonti Gallery is delighted to present two opening: “Look very closely”, an exhibition featuring some of the most representative works of Marcel Duchamp and Gianfranco Baruchello and FUSION | PRINTS & JEWELS a group exhibition that emphasizes the graphic works of some of the most important artists of the postwar period.
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    Emily Hayes(April 24, 2015)
    For about two weeks in June 2016, wrap artist Christo will create floating walkways to wind around Italy’s Lake Iseo in the Lombardy region, connecting the mainland to and surrounding Italy’s largest land island, Monte Isola. Viewers can also walk around San Paolo Island and the mainland town of Sulzano. The bright yellow fabric used for the walkways will continue on the streets in two mainland towns.