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  • More and more scientific studies and research confirm the fundamental importance of physical movement and organized extracurricular sport activities for children since their earliest years of life to help them develop and improve cognitive skills and greater concentration capacity that greatly helps them in the classroom. A symposium to address A symposium to address these issues, titled ”The Fundamental Importance of Free Movement and Organized Extracurricular Sport Ac t i v i t y for the Cogni t i v e Development of the Child: The View From the Field,” will be presented by Coni, the Italian National Olympic Committee USA and the Italian Cultural Institute in Chicago
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    Fred Gardaphe(December 19, 2014)
    In this book we have not only the realizations of the mythical American dream, but also the failures behind the successes, something that has been missing in traditional histories, especially of Italian America. Every now and then you meet someone from your past and as you recount shared memories you realize there was more to what happened than your perspective; that new knowledge will forever change the way you recall that past. This is what will happen to you when you read Barney Bruno’s collection of memoirs, A Tear and A Tear in My Heart.
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    M. T.(November 06, 2014)
    Located in Chelsea at 546 Avenue of the Americas, Crave It is the perfect place to taste the most delicious Italian “cappuccino and cornetto” ...and much more.,, . Upon entering the shop, your nose picks up the scent of freshly baked cornetti and your eyes bulge at the sight of its beautiful and luminous display cases showcasing a pageantry of pastries
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    R. G.(November 28, 2013)
    Located in Macerich’s The Shops at North Bridge in the heart of the famed Michigan Avenue District, Eataly Chicago will be the ultimate culinary destination for Chicagoans, out-of-towners, epicureans and Italophiles. “The city of Chicago boasts such a great food culture; we are very excited about this new opening,” Oscar Farinetti, founder of Eataly comments. Follow the countdown to the opening starts on the official Eataly Chicago Facebook Page
  • Naples Untitled (Napoli sensa titolo) opened at the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago on November 5, 2009. Italian Cultural Institute director Tina Cervone, General Consul of Italy in Chicago Alessandro Motta, and Cultural Commissioner of Naples Nicola Oddati, introduced the exhibit and spoke about its connection to The International Forum of Cultures, which will host a conference in the City of Naples in 2013.
  • "Reconstructing Italians in Chicago: 25 Authors in Search of Roots and Branches" Conference May 8-10 will be dedicated to Rudolph Vecoli. It will highlight his pioneering work in the field and bring together a constellation of 25 important authors who have written on the subject.
  • Come molti altri della comunità italo-americana di Chicago, anche il dott. Carlo Di Nello, collezionista di presepi, ricorda il ruolo centrale della scena della Natività nella sua infanzia. E quest'anno anche il“Christmas Around the World”, presso il Museum of Science and Industry di Chicago, espone le statuette della nostra tradizione. La capitale dell"Illinois tra passato e presente italiano e la “Feast of the Seven Fishes”