SOS, I Need a Bathroom!

Giulia Madron (July 07, 2014)
Italian production company Combocut came out in 2013 with a video promoting a fake toilet-sharing App: AirWC

“Because taking a dump doesn’t mean you have to be one.” With this motto AirWC is becoming a real hit all over the internet, presenting itself, with a very funny video, as the Airbnb for private toilets. A gag, of course. But let’s face it. If it was real, we have to admit that would save many people’s “private emergencies”!

Let’s say that you are walking around New York and suddenly you “feel” you are in desperate need of a toilet. First, you look for a Starbucks, whose bathroom is the hope of many tourists. However, when you really need it, there is always a line that seems to circumnavigate the globe.

With the AirWC App your life would be so much easier. Indeed, you can sign in, locate the closest toilets to you can book 15-minute session for just $4.00. If you need more that 15 minutes (we don’t wanna know!), the difference in price could be paid on location. Moreover, to be sure you have the service and the toilet you are looking for, you can check out the reviews left by previous users. For more demanding guests, the app offers also AirWC Premium which entails that bathroom hosts also tender moral and physical support.

The concept of such funny video was created by the Italian production company Combocut, which in 2013 released the Italian version of the video. This year, it was brought to the United States by TheCreativeShake, a New York City based creative agency. The two companies partnered up and shot the ad in NYC.

Now the question that comes natural is: will it be launched on the market? We’ll definitely keep you posted!

In the meantime, enjoy the video:

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