High End Fashion Guideline: Flowers Everywhere

Santinelli Camilla (April 20, 2017)
"Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” A sarcastic Miranda Priestly declaimed in the 2006 cult movie The Devil Wears Prada. Besides being downright appealing, this selection of dresses and accessories (including a beauty essential) will literally make you feel “in bloom-” especially when the arrival of spring and summer in New York decides to make us wait a little longer… And we’re quite sure Ms. Priestly would agree, too.

Although floral patterns may be on top of the “obvious things” list related to springtime, fashion designers know far too well that flowers and pastel colors are always the perfect combination when it comes to revitalizing our dozy-after-the-long-winter moods and embracing the warm season.

1. I See Flowers

Dolce e Gabbana

Following the success of the “Flowers Capsule Collection” last year, a slightly simplified version of the original pink butterfly sunglasses covered by a bouquet of floral jewels has joined the permanent collection as well. In limited edition, these sunglasses – embellished by hand-applied floral gems and crystals – are a real treasure to be shown off either at the beach or in the city, and we bet they also have the power of making a sunny day even brighter.

2. Flowers at the Beach

Miu Miu

Flowers from head to toe? Yes, please. This year, Miu Miu decided to push florals a little bit further than usual for its Resort 2017 collection, proposing unusual outfits that blend retro elements with fresh, modern details and materials. We find it difficult to decide whether we prefer the delicate light blue and white swimsuit, the plexi and vinyl sandals, or the out-of-the-ordinary headdress. And look at that purse entirely made of shiny varnish embossed flowers. Simply stunning.

3. Floral Sandals


Just look at them. These bold paradise pink sandals – crafted in Italy from velvety suede – will easily become your favorite summer companion from the very first moment you try them on. The thong style is finished with a flouncy floral application at the foot and soft ties that cling to the ankle. If the heel is too much for you, there’s also a flat version of them, which is perfect for more laid-back, yet still glamorous, occasions. Need we say more?

4. More Romantic than Ever


The newest Fendi Kan I bag is proof that the most feminine frills give sensational results when combined with a compact design and structured strength. Available in a variety of patterns, colors, and even interchangeable shoulder straps, this bag is a must-have if a romantic look is what you are searching for. What’s more, it can be further personalized by choosing one of the several fruit and flower charms that recall summer’s simplest pleasures. They’re sure to add a pop of color and fun to your bag, Fendi guarantees it.  

5. Optical blossoms

Maria Grazia Severi

This patterned poplin top with ruffled shoulders and asymmetrical ruffles in the front is just perfect for this upcoming season. Featuring two of the most trending colors of the moment – bright pink and baby-blue – it would look great combined either with trousers of the same pattern or with trousers that are white, pink, or blue. Tie up your hair in a ponytail and add some red lipstick for a terrific result.

6. Meadows Princess


A sense of positivity and freshness is the first thing that hits us looking at this year’s pre-spring/summer collection by Leitmotiv. The Bologna-based duo opted for light materials and vibrant colors in order to create volume, movement, and lightness for their slightly naif and super-feminine garments. The one we chose is made of soft tulle with contrasting flowers bouquets embroidered on it. What more could we ask for than to feel like a real princess of the meadows for a day?

7. Giardini Italiani


"A limited-edition palette inspired by Italian gardens..." The uniqueness, beauty, and magic of Italian gardens are the inspiration from which the newest Collistar makeup line is created. Among the several delightful objects of the collection, this precious palette – which incorporates a blush, an eyeshadow, and a highlighter all in one – is simply perfect for anyone who always wants to look on point. Available in two different nuances (“bouquet rosa” and “bouquet pesca”) with a wise combination of pearly and silky textures, this unique combination of colors can create different styles of makeup, from romantic and natural to sophisticated and high-impact. Are you ready to carry a little piece of Italian glamour with you?





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