Calaca Solo Show by Italian Artist Ienacruz

Mila Tenaglia (October 09, 2015)
317 Gallery ​is pleased to announce the solo show ‘Calaca’ by contemporary urban artist Federico Massa aka Iena Cruz. It will run from October 10th to November 6th with an opening reception on Saturday, October 10th, from 6PM­9PM. In the spirit of the Halloween season, the artist will present series of works inspired by the Mexican culture.

The exhibition was organized in collaboration with ST.ART​(­, a New York based creative agency that represents contemporary urban artists and set on the quest of supporting a fast growing street art culture through various creative projects.

A CALACA​(Spanish pronunciation: [kaˈlaka], a colloquial Mexican Spanish name for skeleton) is a figure of a skull or skeleton (usually human)commonly used for decoration during the Mexican Day of the Dead festival, although they are made all year round. As with other aspects of the

Day of the Dead festival, calacas are generally depicted as joyous rather than mournful figures. This draws on the Mexican belief that no dead soul likes to be thought of sadly, and that death should be a joyous occasion. 

Federico Massa​(also known in the global street art world as both CRUZ and Iena Cruz) is a university­trained fine artist from Milan who now resides and works in Brooklyn, New York.

In his teen years in 1990s Milan Massa forged a solid reputation as a rebel in the burgeoning street art movement. Later he pursued further as an artists and entered to the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan where he developed a signature layered style of spray paint stencilling and fine calibrated brush work on a range of surfaces. 

Federico arrived to NYC in 2010, where he lived in the beginning in the group studio loft with other artists and filmmakers from Mexico. That’s where he got introduced to Mexican culture and calavera style which now influences Federico’s work. Over time he has developed a respected place among the noted street artists of New York. 

His signature style is constantly being honed and furthered in large scale outdoor wall murals, studio canvases, and sculpture, and a unique visual style that includes imagery gathered on trips to Mexico and abroad. Federico nowresides and works in Brooklyn, NYC.


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