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    Over 50 Italian Artists Sing "And the Sky is Becoming Brighter" Together for the Italian Red Cross

    Maybe in America, we are used to having great fundraisers from songs made by collaborating artists. Like in the last scene of "Avengers: Endgame" it is always surprising to see the big heroes of music performing together for a common cause.

    It began with "We are the World" written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Omartian in 1985 (the eighth best-selling physical single of all time) and later the Band Aid's in 1984 with "Do They Know It's Christmas?".

    Particularly during the times of COVID-19 outbreak, it has been difficult to bring singers together in one physical space. Thank Lady Gaga, a similar operation was possible with "Together at Home", a virtual concert series organized by Global Citizen.

    Moving on to the Italian music scene, we had something similar with "Domani", a song originally composed and recorded by Mauro Pagani, and later released as a single by 56 artists (including the same author), which are among the most popular singers and musicians of Italian pop and rap music. This extraordinary group was called Artisti Uniti per l'Abruzzo/ Artists United for Abruzzo. They actively collaborated for the fund-raising of the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake.

    Also in the current COVID emergency, Italian singers joined together. This time it was for the Red Cross, recording the song " And the sky is becoming brighter/ Ma il Cielo è sempre più from their home studios in "full lockdown style".

    The song "And the Sky is becoming brighter" was originally released by the Italian singer and songwriter Rino Gaetano. His lyrics are centered around the contradictions in society, both economic and social.

    The lyrics (below is the English version) tell us to be different men, with our strengths and weaknesses. We are all living under the same sky, wealthy or poor. Each individual sees reality through his own eyes, while the World still spins around and we don't even notice it. Despite the succession of events and difficulties (including the pandemic), there is still hope that "the sky will become brighter". A thought that can inspire at least some peace within oneself.

    The song "And the sky is becoming brighter" has united over 50 stars of  Italian music. Released on May 8, 2020 to support the work of the Italian Red Cross, it is freely available from today, May 4. You can listen to this song on the major music platforms via the following link:

    This charity initiative was promoted by 'Amazon Italy together' with the main industrial associations of the Italian music sector,such as AFI, FIMI and PMI. Based on the choral version of "And the sky is becoming brighter", by Rino Gaetano; the song was re-recorded by an incredible number of artists from their homes: Alessandra Amoroso, Annalisa, Arisa, Baby K, Claudio Baglioni, Benji & Fede, Loredana Bertè, Boomdabash, Carl Brave, Michele Bravi, Bugo, Luca Carboni, Simone Cristicchi, Gigi D'Alessio, Cristina D 'Avena, Fred De Palma, Diodato, Dolcenera, Elodie, Emma, Fedez, Giusy Ferreri, Fabri Fibra, Fiorello, Francesco Gabbani, Irene Grandi, Il Volo, Izi, Paolo Jannacci, J-Ax, Emis Killa, Levante, The State Sociale, Fiorella Mannoia, Marracash, Marco Masini, Ermal Meta, Gianni Morandi, Fabrizio Moro, Nek, Noemi, Rita Pavone, Piero Pelù, Max Pezzali, Nuclear Tactical Penguins, Pupo, Raf, Eros Ramazzotti, Francesco Renga, Samuel, Francesco Sarcina, Saturnino, Umberto Tozzi, Ornella Vanoni ... and Alessandro Gaetano.

    All the revenue from track rights has been and will be donated to the Italian Red Cross. To allow all the record and editorial process of this version to be given to charity, the collective cover has been re-filed with the title of "And the sky is becoming brighter (Italianstars4life)".
    The hope, at least of the author, is that when the Covid-19 emergency is over,  we all can sing this song in a stadium, together with the artists who participated in this project. Embracing the joyful moment, being part of the audience, and living it to its fullest. 
    Listen to the song in Italian here >>>


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    The Italian Way to Say 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright' in Music

    “Andrà tutto bene” by Nesli was released in 2014 with another meaning; but, the lyrics of the refrain just so happen to fit this very situation we are living today:

    If I tell you that everything will be fine
    If I say "don't worry"
    That in the end we will come out together
    Even at the cost of having to fight
    If I say "watch the sunset over there"
    After all, the moment will pass
    It's because I feel it, it's because I feel it, it's because I feel it

    Have a listen here >>>

    In order to fight the fear brought on by the virus, the “Andrà tutto bene mantra” became viral, transforming itself into hand-painted billboards by kids (also found in Spain) and even used by an Italian-Canadian teacher for educational activities

    Other artists have contributed to the mantra in their own way with several songs subsequently broadcast by Italian radio and television. Here are a few.

    The singers Elisa and Tommaso Paradiso alongside the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism and in support of the Protezione Civile released their “Andrà tutto bene” with all earnings donated to the Protezione Civile. That song, produced by Elisa, programmed by Andrea Rigonat, mixed and mastered by Marco Zangirolami says:

    The embrace among people will return
    and the sun on the skin will return
    the freedom to run along the road
    to kiss at the stop
    and suddenly look into your eyes and say
    Everything will be fine

    Have a listen here >>>

    The Italian-English singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti with his "Andrà tutto bene" recorded his first song in Italian. The song was born in a live writing session on Instagram with its Italian fans. Jack recorded the song at home, in his studio on the track produced by Cam Blackwood with the strings arranged and performed by Davide Rossi and mixed by Daniel Moyler, all remotely. The proceeds from the piece were donated entirely to the Policlinico San Martino Hospital in Genoa. Here’s the refrain:

    Everything will be fine
    Let's not feel divided
    There is still time to love
    Everything will be fine
    We are distant but united
    By the desire to return
    To return free

    Have a listen here >>>

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    Darrell Fusaro and Edward Biagiotti Spread Joy of Life with their "Funniest Thing!" Podcast

    Darrel Fusaro and Edward Biagiotti live in LA, where they have created "Funniest Thing! with Darrell and Ed" a successful podcast that has gained fans in 170 countries. "The Funniest Thing! is an inspiring way to learn how being positive and live the joy of life simply changing the everyday point of view, making a step out boldly. The very best of their production is now on-air on i-Italy Radio, the brand new webRadio "made in i-Italy" (visit   


    Darrell, Ed - Your surnames sound unmistakably Italian... Where do your families originate from in Italy and when did they come here?  


    Darrell:   Yes, Fusaro is indeed Italian. I believe both of my grandparents came from somewhere in Campania.  My grandmother's last name is D'Bello.  The rumors are that her family is from Naples.  My grandfather is from the southern part of the region.  Probably somewhere close to Lake Fusaro.

    Ed:   You guessed it, Biagiotti is also Italian.  My grandfather, on my father's side came from Coreno Ausonio, in the Province of Frosinone.  He came to the United States at 18 years old with his brothers.  My other set of great grandparents came from somewhere in Sicily. 


    How can you describe your podcast show... I know that it turned to more than 220k downloading...   

    Ed:  Each week we enjoy sharing stories about how stepping out boldly always leads to better than expected outcomes.  

    Darrell:  By stepping out boldly we mean trusting our hunches, intuition, and inspiration, rather than giving into fear, doubt, and worries. 

    Ed:  Yes, and we aim to inspire our listeners to the same.


    Your podcast's main message is "live in a positive way". Is being Italian-American of any help to live in a positive way?  


    Darrell:  What could be more positive than being an Italian-American?  When you think of Italians, you think of people who are generous, creative and friendly.  When you think of Americans, you think of people who are optimistic and industrious.  That's a winning combo.

    Ed:   Yes, and when you throw in the spicy sense of humor and deep rooted spiritual traditions of our Italian heritage, it all makes sense.


    Darrell, today for most Americans being Italian is cool and Italy means fashion, great films, gorgeous food and wonderful vacations... but it wasn't like this in the 70s as you told in your play "The Basement". What was it about?  

    Darrell:   I think you mean gorgeous women!  

    To be honest, I have always loved being Italian.  The intention of the play, in spite of focusing on my grandfather's murder, actually highlights the fact that I appreciate being Italian.  Thanks to Italy's goodwill ambassador, which is food, whenever anyone discovers that I'm Italian, they say, "You're Italian?  I love Italian food!"  We become instant friends.


    On a lighter topic... How would you describe in few words today's Italian scene in LA?   

    Ed:  There are great things happening.  You just have to know where to find them.  One of the best places to start is the Italian Cultural Institute in Westwood.  By the way, good Italian food can also be found in Los Angeles.  Again, you just have to know where to look.


    You are collaborating with the distribution of i-Italy Magazine in LA. Just to be a little self-referential... how is it going?    

    Darrell:  Great!  Everywhere we go, people are impressed with the magazine.  They are more than happy to make the magazine available for customers and have been amazed at how quickly they need to restock their supply.

    Ed:  Yes.  We love it because everywhere we have delivered the magazine, the owners treat us like family.  We are often rewarded with a delicious Italian treat of some sort.  They are grateful that we introduced them to I-Italy Magazine.

  • Raphael Gualazzi during his Eurovision Song Contest show
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    Raphael Gualazzi: The Italian Jazz that Conquers the World

    I met Raphael Gualazzi during his first Sanremo Festival in 2011 when he won with his song “Follia D'Amore.” Watch the Official Music Video Videoclip


    Raphael, you participated in the Sanremo competition 3 times. How do you feel when you perform on that stage?

    The 1st time I came to Sanremo, it was an extraordinary experience… I felt that kind of emotion… just like when you open the door and go out for the first time. It was a brand new musical experience and something completely new for me in general.


    Raphael's musical production is so varied. One example is his collaboration with Sir Bob Cornelius from The Bloody Beetroots (click here to watch "Liberi o no"). Raphael is an artist who plays with different musical genres, creating orignial mixes. Check out his latest single “La Fine del Mondo”.

    I like what Paolo Nutini replied to a journalist who asked him why he played so many different sounds. He said that music is somehow a mirror on current society. I think this is absolutely true because we live in a globalized world, and it is difficult to describe the whole world with just one genre of music. I enjoy exploring different kinds of music, and I find it hard to select just one sound if you really like music… Making music is my life, my passion, it’s the thing I like doing the most.


    As with many others talents discovered by talent scout Caterina Caselli, such as Elisa e Andrea Bocelli, Raphael Gualazzi is well-known in Europe, America, and Canada. This is also thanks to his second place win in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. To better understand the passion for music that drives Raphael, we must take his story into consideration.

    My whole family had a passion for music. I had a piano when I was 9, and we used to play together… My father had an amazing collection of vinyl records of all genres… This is also the reason why I like different kinds of music. When I was 15 I listened to 60’s and 70’s music. I also had a band that played that kind of music…


    What about your Eurovision Song Contest experience?

    It was a great experience and a great opportunity… I am very happy to have participated and am very happy with the winner of this year's edition, Salvador Sobral, who brought true music to the audience.


    So, Raphael, I can describe you as a new ambassador for Italian Music, right?

    I am very proud of being Italian, and I try my best to pay tribute to our country. I am very lucky to have the chance to travel a lot and to visit the most beautiful places in the world thanks to my music.

    In autumn the international release of my album “Love Life Peace” will occur in Germany and France, and there will be a whole series of vigorous promotions in both France and Germany.

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    Negramaro Band – Italian Rock With “Southern-Taste”

    Rock made in the south of Italy is completely Italian, completely energetic. I met the band Negramaro several times during their concerts around Italy and official events on various TV stations. Negramaro is an Italian pop rock band formed by Giuliano Sangiorgi, Emanuele Spedicato, Ermanno Carlà, Danilo Tasco and Andrea Mariano. The name Negramaro itself celebrates Salento, the place of their origin, adopting it from a typical wine produced locally.

    Danilo Tasco: “We thought that chosing the name of this wine for our band was the best way of showing where we came from. We are a rock band and rock is not really the kind of music that people listens to in our homeland. We hare passionate people as every souther Italian is and we carry this mood into our music and in the way we perform live”.

    Negramaro did a lot of important collaborations… they performed with Dolores o’ Riordan from The Cramberries, recording “Senza fiato”, “Cemento armato” movies soundtrack. Famous italian singer Jovanotti, sang with Negramaro the hit “Cade la Pioggia” and shot the video in San Francisco...

    Giuliano Sangiorgi: “Our collaboration are spontaneous… we have many friends in the music industry and usually we start something new not for because of a marketing strategy but because of a common idea”

    Italians sing Negramaro’s hits since 2001, but the band did several interesting and successful covers in the past years just like Meraviglioso by Domenico Modugno... Take a listen here.

    Andrea Mariano: “We chose the songs according to what we used to listen to when we were kids… it’s indelible memories from our family lives. We like performing songs from other artists as it’s a nice experience to go over the comfort zone and to have a new challenge”.
    Negramaro performs in stadiums, music festivals suche as the 1st of May one, Arezzo Wave or Hard Rock Live in Rome…

    Emanuele Spedicato: “We enjoy being in a band as we are friends and respectful people first. Before every live performance we energize ourselves and motivate each other in order to be capable of living our experience at its best”.

    Click here to see "L'immenso" LIVE @ San Siro Stadium

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