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  • After a successful run at the celebrated Piccolo Teatro in Milano and a tour throughout northern and southern Italy, the show Taddrarite, brought by Accura Teatro, has had its North American debut (during the In Scena! Italian Theater Festival). Winner of the Roma Fringe Festival 2014, one of the largest multi-arts festivals, the play, written and directed by Luana Rondinelli, is the story of three women, victims of violence, told with irony, intelligence, theatrical skill and superb acting.
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    A. V.(May 20, 2015)
    A photographic exhibition of 30 rare images (30x40” B/W and color prints) of Michelangelo Antonioni, during the shooting of one of his last documentaries (Sicily, 1997).
  • In the late Nineties, then Italy’s U.N. Ambassador Paolo Fulci—a Sicilian who calls Salina home—united 32 small, insular states to block a Security Council reform that would have marginalized Italy. Influential members of the Italian-American community were mobilized in support of Italy’s national interests. Prominent among them were descendants of Aeolian immigrants... Interview
  • Both the daily horde of exhausted, hungry immigrants landing on the shores of Sicily and those who tend to them after their arrival are in despair. Even before this week some 2,000 immigrants were known to be on the island. Twice those from last year are arriving, even as the season of fair weather has only begun. The police prefect of Sicily has appealed for help from Rome, but in the meantime the Sicilian holding centers are on the verge of collapse. Many, including a number of pregnant women, arrived via Libya from Syria
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    Natasha Lardera(April 14, 2014)
    WHEN ICE CREAM MAKING BECOMES AN ART AND A MISSION Francesco Realmuto, from Sicily, made his American Dream come true when he decided to bring the best Italian artisanal gelato to NYC. His product is simply incomparable. “Gelato making is an art. Our mission has been to build a community of people around gelato, from producers of raw materials to Italian gelato craftsmen, to give that authentic feeling that gelato can give, just as I remember from my childhood."