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    Charles Scicolone(December 03, 2014)
    Aglianico is an ancient grape variety. It was first cultivated by the Phoenicians and later brought to Southern Italy by the Greeks 3,000 years ago when they colonized the area.
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    i. a.(May 22, 2014)
    After a successful dinner promoting the region of Tuscany, the midtown Italian Restaurant "Piccolo Fiore Ristorante," moves down South offering a regional tasting event with "An evening in Puglia, " to take place June 5th from 7 to 9 PM. Piccolo Fiore Ristorante will be donating twenty dollars from the sales of each ticket s to the National Organization of Italian American Women
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    George De Stefano(January 23, 2013)
    On the eve of Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino's American tour, Mauro Durante talks about the power of traditional music and the band's new album
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    N.L.(September 17, 2011)
    This new platform provides a dynamic guide to both historical and contemporary Jewish Italy, allowing viewers to explore, at their own pace, the cultural treasures of the most ancient Diaspora community in the West.
  • Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino’s North American tour brings the concert experience of The Notte Della Taranta festival to US and Canadian populations for the first time. There is a strong interest in the rediscovery and restoration of one’s roots and identity through traditional musical forms. Rather than creating a lovingly-preserved postcard to the past, the Pizzica Taranta experience encourages contemporary global culture to play a role in the on-going regeneration of the music and dance of Puglia born from the ancient and universally-known Italian tale of the Tarantella.
  • Vendola Presenta la Puglia. Eataly NYC
    June 20, 2011, NYC, Nichi Vendola, President of the Apulia Region, and Dario Stefano, Minister of the Agricultural Policies, took a tour of the Eataly Store guided by Oscar Farinetti bodily, creator and owner of the company.
  • We got together with the Governor before his trip to New York to present his region with a number of events at the oenogastronomic center Eataly. The interview includes forecasts and thoughts about the Italian political situation.