HITWEEK: Unexpected Creative Italians Land in New York City and Los Angeles for a Week of Music

Alice Bonvicini (September 21, 2010)
The festival was born with the mission to promote Italy’s musical creativity beyhond “mandolino and operetta.” This year i-Italy is among the media partner with a special tickets giveaway contest

The second edition of HitWeek, the North American festival promoting Italy’s current music trends, is back. From October 9 to October 17, New York And Los Angeles will host a showcase of Italy’s contemporary creativity.

The initiative is the fruit of the collaboration between MTV Italia and the Italian Youth Ministry, in the person of Minister Giorgia Meloni. The aim is to promote young Italian artists abroad through an unique exclusive context that will give them the opportunity to perform with their idols on the stages of the two hypocenters of US music. The contest will be open up until September 26.

The all-Italian line-up of famous artists who are participating in this binational initiative includes Ludovico Einaudi, Elisa, Negrita, Roy Paci & Aretuska, Après la Classe, and Le Bianche Alchimie

Italy is not only “Mandolino and Operetta. We’re able to rock’n roll the world with a unique mix of cool music, vitality, creativity and artistic vibes, ” the official web site of HitWeek stresses.

The Festival kicks off in New York on October 8th, with a concert by Ludovico Einaudi.  Contemporary pianist and composer from Turin, grandson of a President of the Italian Republic, and son of Italy’s homonymous publisher, Einaudi is known for his minimalist and introspective compositions often used in film and television.

Elisa, the multi-platinum singer familiar to the American audiences for her ballad "Dancing" featured on the TV show "So You Think You Can Dance, " will also be part of the Festival. Native of Veneto, she is known for her melodic and ethereal style.

From Elisa’s soft music to Negrita’s alternative rock. The Tuscan band takes its name from the Song Hey! Negrita by The Rolling Stones. Founded in the early 90s in Arezzo, Negrita is a multi-award winning, multi-platinum selling band, which has experimented through the years mixing blues, electronic sounds, rock and multicultural @font-face {
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Another band part of the Festival has perfected the art of genre blending, Roy Paci & Aretuska. Led by ska trumpetist and composer Roy “Rosario” Paci, Sicilian from Augusta, the band is known for its remarkable mix of jazz, pop, reggae/ska, latin rock and folk.

Pianist, composer and conductor is a social phenomenon in Italy, Giovanni Allevi is the enfant terrible who shocked the musical Academia with his talent and charisma. The concert he held last September 2009 at the Arena di Verona, an historical event which was defined as the “Woodstock of contemporary classical music”

The group  Après la Classe will perform in Los Angeles with the Negrita, Roy Paci and his band. Their music is inspired by the traditional repertoir of their area of origin, Salento, in the Apulia region.

Finally, the duo Le Bianche Alchimie will surely enchant the audiences of both cities with their melancholic, delicate, and poetic music and pieces able to touch the deepest strings of the soul. Vocalist Jessica Einaudi and pianist and guitarist Federico Albanese will give life to such an intimate atmosphere that will make you blash

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Just enter our free tickets giveaway contest at http://contest.i-Italy.org. Every day until the dates of the concert you will find a new question regarding the artists who will play at HitWeek. The first who answers correctly to the question of the day wins.

Taking place during the Italian Heritage and Culture Month celebrations, Hit Week will contribute in coloring NY and LA in green white and red…with fresher tints.

The three venues selected for the New York performances are The Poisson Rouge, the Orensanz, and the Hightline Ballroom , while in Los Angeles the artists will play at the El Rey Theatre and at the Ford Ampitheatre.

Find the full schedule at this link





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