Jerry Krase (March 25, 2008)
Thinking about and re-thinking about the Iraq War after its Fifth Anniversary.

I originally wrote this Italianesque piece (PAINPROGRESS) in 2003 for The Free Press, and then I republished it in 2006 (PAINPROGRESS, Redux). Since the minor self-recriminations and a few “celebrations” of the Fifth Anniversary of The Invasion of Iraq many of the cheer-leading establishment press organs have been squirming about how wrong they had been for so long. However, they still haven’t gotten up the courage for mea culpas. Perhaps when Barack Obama becomes President their tune will change from loud militaristic drum beats to more appropriately muted taps for our four-thousand plus men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the follies of a few old men (and women). This is the introduction to the 2006 piece:

These are some photos I took in March 2003 at the Anti-Iraq War demonstration and March in Washington DC. Please ignore the image dates as we didn't know how to set the camera.

 Head of the March with wheeled escorts.

 Sidelines Poster

Marching toward the Capitol.

 Pro-War Horses in park near White House.


Pro-Anti-War Demonstrators.

Anti-Anti War Demonstrators.

Family on the subway going home after march.





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