Re-reading Diane Di Prima, in Honor of International Women's Day

Laura E. Ruberto (March 08, 2010)
San Francisco’s Current Poet Laureate, Diane Di Prima, moves Italian American Identity Above, Below, and Beyond.

Last month, Diane Di Prima gave an inaugural address as San Francisco’s fifth poet laureate. In commemoration of International Women’s Day, I celebrate this important Italian American cultural figure, creative writer, and feminist thinker; a woman whose life and work help remind us that U.S. ethnic identity is never static, stale, or flat.

For just a sampling of the academic research on Diane Di Prima’s work, in particular in relation to her Italian American identity, see:

Barbara Kirschenbaum, "Diane Di Prima: Extending La Famiglia," MELUS, 1987.

Roseanne Giannini Quinn, “The Willingness to Speak": Diane di Prima and Italian American feminist body politics” MELUS, 2003.





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