Italian Heritage and Cultural Committee: A Message from President/Chairperson

Joseph Sciame (October 02, 2015)
Welcome to the 39th annual celebration of Italian Heritage and Culture Month.This year the Board of Directors of the Italian Heritage and Culture Committee, New York, Inc. has selected as its theme: Italian Creativity: Celebrating 50 Years of Science and Technology; New York World’s Fair 1965 – Expo Milano 2015.

The IHCC-NY, Inc.recognizes, EXPO Milano 2015, the worldwide celebration in Italy by saluting the various programs that will be sponsored, especially in the month of October 2015, a positiverepresentation of all that occured and is occurring in Italy and presented to the world.

That gift has been hundreds of years of inventions and research that have brought about some of the most creative outcomes in the fields of science and technology. We enjoy those benefits today!

We join with all Italian Americans in celebrating this special year. We are confident that the various organizations that historically recognize Italian Americans during the month of October will especially think about the important contributions to our heritage and culture that have been made by Italian Americans and women in science and technology professions over the last 50 years.

At this time, I thank all who have suggested and prepared the final work towards the various posters, bookmarks, pamphlets, and solicitation of programs for the booklet/insert of activities for the year 2015, all of which can be found as well on our web site.

Our publications are provided through the generosity of benefactors, among which are the Columbus Citizens Foundation, the Office of the Consulate General of Italy in New York and many other individuals and contributors.

During these challenging economic times, we are most appreciative of the response by those individuals who generously have contributed to the development of our materials, and as well, to the overwhelming largesse by our sponsors whose ads are included within.

For without their financial support, we might not have been able to produce such a comprehensive view of all the many activities for Italian Heritage and Culture Month, 2015.

You are enthusiastically and wholeheartedly invited to join us in this celebration to partake of, and participate in, as many activities listed in the calendar of events as you are able. With all of us, the members of the Italian Heritage and Culture Committee, NY, Inc., a Board second to none in its enthusiasm and grace of life as “Italophiles,” I encourage you to celebrate our rich heritage!

Grazie a tutti e buon proseguimento!

Joseph Sciorra,

Cav. Uff. Joseph Sciame President/Chairperson Mese della Cultura Italiana Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York, Inc.





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