Antica Pesa: Do as the Romans Do

Iwona Adamczyk (May 10, 2013)
Sister to the well-known restaurant of the same name located in the "Eternal City", Antica Pesa serves authentic Roman cuisine away from the chaos of Manhattan.

Among the various neighborhoods of Italy’s capital, Trastevere is perhaps the
 most charismatic, known for
 its medieval structures and delightful cobblestone streets. The area’s name literally refers to its location “beyond” (tras) 
or on the other side of the
 Tiber River (Tevere). That is 
the perfect getaway from the bustling crowds surrounding Rome’s major landmarks.

In New York, visitors and natives who are familiar with the “tourist trap” restaurants that line the impenetrable streets of Manhattan can do as the Romans do and cross over to Williamsburg, the city’s “Tras- East River.” Indeed, anyone yearning to indulge in a typical Roman dining experience should become acquainted with Brooklyn’s Antica Pesa, replete with ambiance and cuisine crafted to resemble its Italian sister restaurant.

Not only is the area appropriately rich in Italian heritage, its charming yet cool vibe is reminiscent of Rome’s Trastevere. The owners paid close attention to reproducing a similar feel. The restaurant’s décor gives the interior space a fresh and modern look with a cozy, yet subtle New York elegance.

What steals the show, however, is the combination of welcoming servers and delicious, simple food. The accommodating and attentive service in this Roman establishment further reminds diners of the restaurant’s warm, Italian roots.

Each meal begins with a box of warm bread that recalls the tradition of serving bread and wine to peasants. Diners have at their disposal a menu filled with typically Roman dishes, such as the cacio e pepe pasta plate, a blend of earthy flavors that make the trip across the bridge seem as if you were transported to Rome.

Antica Pesa
115 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY
(347) 763-2635